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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5tips To Get a Great Photo

Here are 5 tips that you might start with if you want to learn how to take better pictures. 

1. Master the rule of thirds. Although you can break this rule and still come up with a beautifully taken photograph, it is best to learn and master the rule first before breaking them. Of course, that would give you an idea on how much you are breaking the rules and how far are you willing to go.

2. Understand lighting. One of the best things about photography is being able to capture and use it and play with it to change the mood of your photo. Light is one of the basic elements of a good photograph and being able to use it properly and correctly in your photos is one great skill that will lead you to taking great photos.

3. In taking great photos of landscapes, you can use diagonal lines to help you draw the attention of the viewer in to your focal point. Keep in mind that diagonal lines in your photo can be lines of trees or a fence or a flowing river. Positioning it so it may appear diagonal in your photo can make your photo a good one too. You can also make use of converging lines to add focus to your photo - these are lines coming from a point or two in the image that converge into one point of the picture. Geometric shapes are effective as well.

4. Framing your subjects. Especially when you are taking landscape images, framing your image with some objects in the foreground can give your photo a dramatic and interesting element to your landscape shots. One of the common technique is to 'frame' your landscape shots by trees or overhanging branches on the foreground, giving a more interesting touch to your subject.

5. Changing the angles of your photos. Another technique to make your photos interesting is to take the photo at a different angle than the normal. You can take different angles of a subject by positioning yourself in different ways - and not just the normal standing in front of it and taking the photo. You can emphasize size of the subject by pointing your camera close to the ground, or you can also position yourself above it.


With these Tips you can get great and beautiful photos


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